Business leaders of today are quickly becoming familiar with the significant challenges that come with uncertainty. For many, success has been found by tapping into our innate willingness to adapt and survive — and there are few people who have honed those skills more sharply than Bear Grylls.

Global adventurer and award-winning television host Bear Grylls discusses what it really takes to persevere in any situation. Register below to discover the mindset necessary to go the extra mile even when traversing uncharted terrain.

Bear Grylls | Former British SAS Serviceman, Survival Instructor, Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel, Television Host, Best-selling Author

Bear Grylls OBE is a former British Special Forces soldier (21 SAS) and best-selling author, who became one of the youngest climbers of Mount Everest. He has hosted more extreme adventure TV shows across more global networks than anyone else in the world, is an honorary lieutenant-colonel to the Royal Marine Commandos, and is currently the youngest Chief Scout to 40 million worldwide Scouts.