Launch your career at Kronos

Launch your career at Kronos

Start your career with an innovation leader.

Why start your career at Kronos?

We truly believe that innovative and inspiring ideas come from all over the company — at all levels — including our interns and recent grads. Whether you’re still in school looking for real-world experience or you’re making the jump from college to start your career, we want to help you grow.


We’re always looking for motivated and talented candidates ready to start their professional careers. 

Interning with Kronos. A real-world experience …

We know getting real-world experience to develop your skills set and build your resume isn’t easy. But getting that big break can be a whole lot easier with an internship under your belt.

Interns at Kronos actually get paid to do interesting, challenging, and meaningful work that contributes to the organisation. That’s right! We believe in paying our interns for their contributions to our organisation.  We also believe work is only half your job here. Whether a social event at a sporting event, volunteering with your fellow interns, or networking with Kronos executives and leaders the opportunities to collaborate and learn from others will be everywhere. Offering you the chance to fully experience our WorkInspired culture.  

… and a little bit of fun thrown in.

In the spirit of collaboration and engagement for the workforce of tomorrow Kronos is the proud sponsor of the Battle of the Summer Interns. This summer rite of passage brings local businesses to extend your network beyond our doors and drive a sense of competition and camaraderie.

Just starting your career after college?

Your contributions won’t go unnoticed in a place where personalities are appreciated, ambition is encouraged, and creativity is welcomed. When you start your career at Kronos you won’t just be glad to have a job. You’ll be glad to have your job. A job that starts with comprehensive onboarding to get you off on the right foot and expands quickly with opportunities to work in a company that values your fresh perspective and unique talents.


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