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Survey Exposes Pain of Unexpected Staff Absences

A new survey of retail managers has exposed the “corrosive” impact of unplanned staff absences on stores.

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Global Retailers Say Unplanned Absence Wreaks Havoc on Store Operations

According to a survey of 800 retail managers across multiple countries conducted by The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated, for every 10 hours of in-store labor budgeted, more than one hour is wasted due to staffing misalignment caused by unplanned employee absence.

| | LOWELL, Mass.
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Prior Engagement

Can technology assist in creating an engaged workforce, or will the rise of Industry 4.0 lead to a disconnected and segregated shopfloor? MM hosted a roundtable of leading industry names to answer these questions, and many more.

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Workforce Dimensions Revolutionizes the Manager and Employee Experience at LondonEnergy

Powered by the intelligent Kronos D5 platform, the revolutionary workforce management solution gives LondonEnergy unprecedented operational insight and provides an unparalleled, personalized experience for employees.

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The Case for a 4-day Workweek?

According to a global survey of nearly 3,000 employees across eight countries conducted by The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated, nearly half (45 percent) of full-time workers say it should take less than five hours each day to do their job if they worked uninterrupted

| | London, UK
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How Can the Latest Workforce Management Technologies Help Manage the Next Generation?

Manufacturers face a tough recruitment challenge to find and retain the skilled staff they need to grow and prosper. Can the latest workforce management technologies give them the edge they need? Kylene Zenk reports.

| | The Manufacturer
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Workforce Technology to Curb the Major Challenges Faced by the Retail Sector, Says Kronos

The retail sector is currently facing a series of challenges, with some being longstanding and familiar, and others brought by more recent geopolitical and technological developments.

| | Retail Times
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Technology Is ‘Crucial’ To Resolving Service Sector Challenges

Technologies that empower workers to do their jobs more effectively will be “crucial” in the battle for greater productivity and employee satisfaction, according to a new report.

| | FM World
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Are Companies Driving Employees Away with Outdated Attitudes?

Misaligned policies are making it very hard for employees to negotiate basic work-life demands, and could potentially lead to a global employee burnout crisis, a new study says.

| | IndustryWeek
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Kronos Launches Kronos Workforce Ready in France

Kronos Incorporated, a leading provider of workforce management and human capital management cloud solutions, today announced the launch of Kronos Workforce Ready in France, introducing the award-winning cloud solution to its ninth international market.