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Kronos Launches KronosLIVE International Customer Conference World Tour

Today, Kronos Incorporated commenced its international multi-city KronosLIVE event tour, which enables customers, partners, and prospects to explore the new dimensions in work while learning how Kronos workforce management and human capital management (HCM) solutions can help manage their workforces today and into the future.

| | LOWELL, Mass.
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How Managers Can Put Data on Sick Leave to a Healthy Use

Collecting data about employees’ sickness-related absences can reveal much about the health of a company’s workforce, although the underlying causes are trickier to interpret. A surge in sick days may reflect a rise in flu rates, or alternatively that employees are overloaded.

| | Financial Times
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The Productivity Puzzle: Why Is the UK Lagging Behind Europe in the Workplace?

At a time when the UK workforce is under the spotlight, countless studies, including the “Always On Con” report from the Workforce Institute Europe have revealed that British workers consistently underperform compared to their European counterparts – they are less productive at work, spend more work time on social media, work more often at home and sleep fewer hours.

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Opinion: Five Ways Employers Can Address Declining Productivity

Falling employee productivity is a source of serious concern in the UK, with GDP per hour worked continuing to decline, according to the latest Office for National Statistics data. In addition, the Office for Budget Responsibility recently lowered its forecast on how quickly productivity levels are likely to improve, leading to ongoing concerns about the prospects for the post-recession recovery of the UK economy.

| | People Management (Job site of CIPD)
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The Productivity Paradox

Some commentators jumped to suggest that we were a nation of slouches craftily sneaking a peek at social media and gossip websites whenever the boss wasn’t looking. Any excuse to avoid working was the claim. But an investigation into the truth shows that it’s not quite so simple. Research for the Workforce Institute’s Always On report found that only 13.8 percent of us ever use social media at work – despite a vast majority of Brits being signed up – a timely reminder that for many Brits we often don’t have free access to the whole of the web – or for many even a desk to access it from.

| | The HR Director
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Kronos Unveils Workforce Dimensions – A Revolutionary Solution that Reshapes the Future of Workforce Management

Kronos Incorporated today unveiled its next-generation workforce management solution, Workforce Dimensions. Combining more than 40 years of global domain expertise with the latest in cloud computing technology, Kronos is redefining the future of workforce management: every facet of the solution, from a breakthrough user interface (UI) to its embedded artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms, has been reimagined to help organisations drive better business outcomes.

| | LAS VEGAS, KronosWorks
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Kronos Customers Inspire Industry-Changing Workforce Dimensions Platform

With today’s momentous launch of Workforce Dimensions , Kronos Incorporated announced that several longstanding customers spanning three continents across a variety of verticals will be the first to adopt the next-generation workforce management solution and, as part of the larger Workforce Dimensions customer advisory board (CAB), were instrumental in helping shape the future of workforce management.

| | LAS VEGAS, KronosWorks
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French and German Workers Consistently Outperforming Brits at Work

U.K. workers are not delivering – at least compared to their European counterparts. They are simply less productive at work: Brits spend more work time on social media, take more work home with them, and sleep fewer hours than the leading European nations according to new research from The Workforce Institute Europe at Kronos Incorporated.

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Is The UK's Workforce Less Productive Than Its European Counterparts?

A study has been launched by the Workforce Institute Europe which has said to reveal why the UK workforce is less productive than those in Europe.

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The Workforce Institute at Kronos Launches in Europe on 10-year Anniversary

The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated, a think tank dedicated to providing research and education on critical workplace issues facing organizations around the globe, has announced the launch of The Workforce Institute Europe at Kronos, which aims to explore European workforce issues that have an impact on organizational productivity and employee engagement for front line and salaried workers.

| | LOWELL, Mass. and BRACKNELL, U.K.