Kronos is firmly committed to being an environmentally responsible organisation and creating a sustainable workplace for employees, along with developing products that are both efficient and renewable.

The Kronos community at large proactively looks for ways to preserve natural resources and minimise our environmental footprint. Our vision is that Kronos will become increasingly sustainable by dramatically reducing the consumption of non-renewable resources, reducing waste, and adopting behavioral changes that support sustainability. We continuously strive to focus our efforts on areas where we feel that we will have the greatest impact:

  • Using sustainable products;
  • Recycling and other environmental services; and
  • Sustainable operations, with a focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy, and waste reduction.

To date, our sustainability efforts have been recognised by two Massachusetts-based organisations: the Greener Chelmsford Initiative for our waste reduction and recycling programs; and by the Governor’s Clean Energy Challenge, for reducing the carbon footprint of our corporate campus by more than 10 percent.

In addition, Kronos actively participates in the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Rideshare Program. Kronos provides incentives such as preferred parking to employees who carpool and also offers telecommuting options.