Adapting to change

In the last year we’ve all seen how quickly our businesses have adapted to change, and how important it is for businesses to continue to adapt to meet the needs of a changing market. Even in times of stability, change happens, and what worked great yesterday isn’t necessarily what works today. Your workforce technology configuration is no different.

The way your solution was configured when you began your journey with UKG™ (Ultimate Kronos Group), or any other workforce management (WFM) provider, may no longer suit the business challenges you face today. Subsequent changes to your organisation's operating models, systems, processes, and personnel roles will affect how your WFM solution should be configured. Misalignment between requirements and current configuration often lead to manual interventions and additional tasks - wasting time and money.

When manual processes appear 

Periodically, it’s always a good to take a step back and review the amount of manual intervention that’s happening in each team with respect to WFM processes. One of the most common signs of configuration misalignment is the payroll department needing to make manual pay calculation adjustments. Poor configuration can also restrict one of the major benefits of WFM solutions, which is access to timely and accurate reporting and labour analytics. Incorrect configuration can lead to inaccurate reporting too.

But how do you revaluate your system configuration against your business needs? Are system owners even aware of the ever-changing business needs? How do you assess the business value of these changes, and are you up to date with new functionality and features that are available?

The role of Customer Success

Here at UKG we have a team dedicated to helping our customers optimize the benefits they receive from their UKG solutions. Customer Success Managers (CSMs) work with our clients to understand their business needs and objectives, as well as current UKG system landscape, defining success outcomes and developing KPIs to measure progress. CSMs are uniquely positioned to drive these strategic conversations, and help customers understand if their system configurations need to change, or whether it’s the business processes that might need to be reviewed. The role of the CSM is to partner with customers and be their trusted advisor, to ensure they are getting the most value from their UKG investment, and to help customers be successful.

For UKG Dimensions customers, we offer an Essentials and Enhanced Success Plan:

The Essentials Success Plan is the foundational success plan for all UKG customers. This level of service provides the support, coverage, and resources customers need to keep their solutions running efficiently and effectively. The plan includes: optimising productivity and performance with cross-functional support, comprehensive education tools, and outcome-driven customer success management.

The Enhanced Success Plan is focused on helping customers uncover the greatest value from their UKG solution by teaming customers with UKG industry expert resources. Customers experience rapid results from dependable partnerships with key UKG resources, who will help them take optimisation to the next level, and establish an outcome-driven, long-term plan for realising the success businesses expect.

Click here to learn more about the UKG Customer Success program. 


Published: Thursday, 1 April 2021