How retail is leveraging the new future of work

The new normal. The phrase has entered the national consciousness. We’re all familiar with it. We have a, perhaps fuzzy, grasp of what it’s talking about. But in reality, the best we can say about the new normal is that no one really knows what it is, much less what it will be.

That’s a challenge for retail businesses, as for others. Being able to predict footfall and demand, knowing the regulatory landscape, and having a reliably available workforce have been basic essentials for retail businesses for many years. As a result of long-term shifts, brutally accelerated by COVID-19, though, all this and more is suddenly unclear. The future will bring further challenges, and opportunities, which are at present not only unforeseen but in some cases probably unimaginable.

The New Future of Work in Retail

Ready for anything

Hosted by Caroline Baldwin, Editor of Essential Retail, and supported by an expert panel, UKG’s (Ultimate Kronos Group) new webinar, Retail’s New Normal – How to Manage the Retail Workforce, explores how retailers can make themselves ready for whatever the future may hold.

Speakers from EE Mobile and Home Bargains share how their businesses have addressed ever growing digital demand, and how they handled the complexities of workforce management during the COVID-19 crisis. Neil Pickering, UKG Industry Marketing Manager, joins the panel to explain the workforce management software specialist’s approach to the new future of work, and how retail businesses can leverage workforce management for competitive advantage, increased revenues and enhanced customer, worker and stakeholder satisfaction.

Real-world experience

During the 60-minute webinar, the three panellists outline their thinking and their workforce management experiences during this year’s Coronavirus crisis, including ways in which they have leveraged technology and the latest workforce management thinking to manage serious challenges and return tangible benefits. Topics discussed include:

  • Why investment in workforce management is key in today’s retail environment
  • The need for flexibility and agility to address changing circumstances
  • How to address challenges such as the need for more stringent workplace hygiene and increased remote working
  • Using real-time analytics to ensure optimal use of the workforce
  • Building systems and processes to enable rapid, effective response to future challenges and opportunities
  • Multi-skilling the workforce for flexibility and agility
  • Communicating securely with a distributed, mobile workforce

Watch the webinar

Discover how EE and Home Bargains are leveraging the new future of work right now, in the midst of the current crisis, and how UKG’s four key pillars of success in our New Future of Work can help you leverage your workforce for similar success.

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Published: Thursday, 10 September 2020