Success in business is predicated on understanding the curent and future needs of your customers, and aligning resources to develop, deliver and support marketing leading solutions. In this series of executive interviews, Peter Harte, VP for Enterprise Sales at UKG EMEA speaks with UKG business leaders to learn about them, their roles, and the work they do to serve our customer needs today and into the future.

In this interview, Peter speaks to Bill Bartow, VP of Product Management at UKG.

Introduction to Bill Bartow


What are the Future Trends for Workforce Management?

In a world where businesses are striving to improve resilience and meet changing customer demand, building a flexible and engaged workforce are essential. Watch the video to hear Bill discuss the role of AI in augmenting work and the importantance of data.

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How does data science benefit organisations with large workforces?

The automation of transactional workforce processes is just one of the many benefits from workforce management. A goldmine of riches sits within your labour data. In this video, Bill discusses the work done by the UKG data science team to exploit labour analytics and AI - improving the speed, accuracy and automation of processes, such as demand forecasting, labour scheduling, and absence management.

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How are UKG customers reimagining business post COVID-19

Based on discussions with customers, Bill believes many businesses will adopt a 'Gig Workplace' style of employement. Post COVID-19, employers are striving to give their employees far greater flexibility of when, where, and how they work. Watch the video to hear Bill's inisghts on the 'Gig Workplace'.

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What workforce data is most important to small-medium businesses

Data is no less important to SMBs than it is Enterprise businesses. And, in many cases, the decisions made by smaller organisations can have a much greater impact on performance. Hear Bill discuss the importance of SMBs utilising labour data and his thoughts on long term workforce planning.

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Does the traditional 'time clock' have a future for punch hours?

In a world now obsessed with their mobile devices you would imagine that the traditional 'time clock' will soon be consigned to the history books, but Bill says that's not the case. Increasing sales and advances in technolgy mean the 'time clock' is still has it's place in the workplace for some time to come - just not in a form you would call 'traditional'.

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What's the biggest challenge with labour compliance?

There is no such thing as 'global pay rules' and there certainly is no such thing as static labour laws. In every country, region, and business, employment legislation and policy are changing regularly. Developing solutions and services that are able to meet these complexities, at a global level and without the need to resort to complex coding, have been at the forefront of the UKG delelopment team objectives for decades. Hear Bill share his thoughts around the challenges of labour compliance.

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Published: Thursday, 15 April 2021