Part of the BT group, EE Ltd. is a U.K. mobile network operator with approximately 4,000 employees, 550 retail stores and several call centres offering customer support. With a desire to improve business performance, and their customer and employee experience, EE needed a solution that could help them address the following challenges:

  • How to automate time and attendance processing to improve cost control, reporting and compliance
  • Reducing sickness absence levels to improve shift coverage
  • A consistent and centralised approach to labour scheduling that would optimise staffing levels in line with anticipated customer demand
  • Tighter control of overtime spending
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic:
    • Communication with all employees – monitoring absences and reasons, and gaining full visibility of employee working locations in real time
    • Producing labour schedules for keyworker customer support employees based on new call volume demand predictions
    • Safeguarding employees by building schedules based on safe store capacity


EE partnered with UKG to deliver a workforce management solution to automate workforce tasks and deliver detailed labour data; enabling informed decision making and the optimal utilisation of labour resources.

UKG Workforce Management

  • Delivers accurate customer demand forecasting and optimised labour resource scheduling – reducing the time burden on managers, and delighting customers and employee
  • Accurate time and attendance monitoring ensures timely and accurate payroll
  • Labour analytics provides visibility into schedule effectiveness, enabling resources to be utilised appropriately - reducing overtime costs, and improving NPS scores
  • Mobile self-service improves employee experience and engagement by delivering greater control and visibility
  • Reduced rates of unplanned absence through greater visibility and control, and improved employee engagement
  • During COVID-19 enabled improved agility, flexibility, and control

“Our use of UKG labour analytics enables us to spot trends and home-in on anomalies that would previously have gone unnoticed.” Jim Hale, Resource Planning Professional


By the deploying their UKG workforce management solution, EE has been able to improve the services delivered to customers and the benefits delivered to both employees and business shareholders. Some of the benefits achieved include:

  • 90% reduction in the time it takes each store manager to create labour schedules, from 2-3 hours each week, to 15 minutes
  • Unplanned absences reduced to 3%
  • Reduced their overtime spend by 1 - 2%, using UKG labour analytics to highlight schedule effectiveness
  • 95% reduction incorrect BACS pay queries
  • Improve employee engagement, through mobile employee self-service
  • Increase sales volume and net promotor score (NPS) in some stores through use of analytics
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, the UKG solution enabled EE to:
    • Identify reasons for COVID-related absence
    • Communicate with all employees, to enable them to provide customer support either working from home or at temporary call centres
    • Produce ‘call centre’ labour schedules based on new customer call volumes and monitor where employees were working
    • Produce store labour schedules based on safe social distance capacities

“The flexibility of our UKG solution boosted EE’s resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic – we were able to react with agility, execute quickly, and protect our employees.

“We can see from our employee surveys that the UKG self-service app has – without question – contributed to our improved employee satisfaction levels”

 Jim Hale, Resource Planning Professional