Manually scheduling officers and rotating their assignments daily was laborious for the staffing sergeant, who spent an eight-hour shift weekly on scheduling. Officers had no off-duty visibility into schedules and could arrive for work not knowing which unit they would be working in. Sergeants awarded overtime based on officer reliability or requested time, creating claims of favoritism. Vacation bidding was time-consuming and confusing, with sergeants having no clear view of officers’ long-term schedules.

What Las Vegas Department of Public Safety needed was a solution that could:

  • Optimise scheduling, communications, and deployment of public safety personnel
  • Schedule staff according to built-in department work rules
  • Ensure that personnel with the right skills and certifications are scheduled for the right time and right place
  • Award overtime fairly, following predetermined department rules on overtime awards
  • Communicate with personnel about open shifts available and awarding of shifts and overtime
“Workforce TeleStaff automatically puts people where they need to go, and it’s a lot less work to work on the schedule. Now I spend only a half hour a day tweaking the schedule.”

Sgt. Rodolfo Padilla
Operations Sergeant


The Kronos® Workforce TeleStaff™ solution optimizes scheduling of public safety personnel according to collective bargaining agreements, helping Las Vegas Department of Public Safety create equitable schedules, improve communication and compliance, and centralize real-time labor data to help control labor costs.

Workforce TeleStaff

  • Create fair, equitable schedules that comply with union,  HR, and other organization rules and policies
  • Ensure qualified and available employees are scheduled based on certification requirements
  • Incorporate work/rest rules to help minimise employee fatigue 
  • Apply rules-based overtime assignments in order of entitlement and provide audit tracking
  • Backfill open positions to speed schedule completion
  • Relay scheduling communications and document all communications

Workforce TeleStaff Bidding

  • Spend less time and fewer resources filling shifts, positions, posts, and allocating vacation time and overtime
  • Allow employees to directly bid on desired work schedules, posts, vacations, and overtime
  • Create a more flexible staffing environment while improving work/life balance and employee engagement
  • View final awarded schedules that are on the roster and employees’ personal calendars
  • Complete bidding from the web, tablets, and smartphones


Automated scheduling aligned with department work rules takes little time now, including a half-hour review daily by the staffing sergeant. Officers can access the scheduling solution online from home to learn their new schedule assignments, enabling them to prepare for work before they arrive. Overtime is awarded automatically based on the number of hours an officer has worked, creating equitable overtime assignments. Automated vacation bidding creates a transparent process that helps ensure vacation assignments are fair and based on seniority. Work rules configured in the solution ensure officers take an eight-hour break after a 16-hour shift, increasing officer safety.


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