Lipari Foods’ 950 employees struggled with manual processes that provided no visibility into labour data for effective workforce management. One employee spent 10 hours weekly collecting and manually recording driver and remote employees’ voice mail time entries. HR staff manually checked warehouse employee punches on all timesheets to ensure employees weren’t taking long breaks or punching in early. Company acquisitions led to a disparate mix of manual and automated time and attendance solutions.

What Lipari Foods needed was a solution that could:

  • Streamline time and attendance approval as well as the payroll process
  • Help managers oversee employee time to control labour costs
  • Support a doubling of employee numbers to onboard employees quickly and easily
“The Kronos suite has been a major tool in many of our cost savings initiatives. It’s been the central point. We’ve been able to use the information and functionality in the solution to be confident in the decisions we’ve made.”

Brian Zilo, SPHR
HR, Director


The automated Kronos® solution streamlines processes and optimises workforce management to increase productivity, control labour costs, and mitigate compliance risk.

Workforce Timekeeper

  • Track, manage, and control employee time and attendance to reduce payroll inflation and manual errors
  • Minimise compliance risk by enforcing and tracking complex compliance requirements and union rules


The Kronos solution gave Lipari Foods a single database that easily integrated with other solutions, while also providing full scalability necessary to handle growth. Lipari can now determine the actual cost per delivery, which helped to create an incentive-based pay program — they estimate improvements in productivity that equal 8 to 10 percent of total payroll costs. Implementing an automated solution enabled Lipari to nearly double in size over five years without increasing HR staff. Lipari is confident that employees are paid accurately, which has helped in managing compliance, increasing employee satisfaction, and virtually eliminating payroll errors.


to approve employee timecards

8-10% OF

reduced due to improvements in productivity