As Lipari Foods, a food distribution and manufacturing company, looked to expand its business beyond 10 states, management realised the company had outgrown its on-premise workforce management solution and continuing its manual and redundant process would make expansion difficult. It also recognized that using the status quo to comply with labour regulations and tax withholding requirements in additional states would be challenging. Fragmented recruiting, onboarding, and benefits systems required manual entry of new hire information. The company had 50 hourly employees in the field submitting paper timesheets that needed to be manually keyed into payroll. Managers entered employees’ time-off requests and attendance points on spreadsheets ― additional time-consuming tasks. Limited reporting capabilities also hindered managers in effectively managing employees.

Lipari Foods needed was a solution that could:

  • Be hosted in the cloud and easily accessed by employees and managers in all locations and remotely
  • Streamline recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and benefits administration of new hires
  • Provide robust mobile capabilities so field employees can clock in and out and all employees can see their time off and pay information on a mobile device
  • Streamline accurate tracking of employee time and attendance points
  • Provide real-time visibility into employee time and earnings for better management of labour costs
  • Support compliance with labour and tax withholding regulations in each state it does business
“The time that managers spent on time-off approvals, tracking time off, and attendance issues has probably gone down 75%. Before, all that time was wasted on unproductive tasks.”

Brian Zilo, SPHR
Senior Vice President of HR


Lipari Foods chose a Kronos® human capital management cloud solution to better control labour costs, improve productivity, enhance employee engagement, and mitigate compliance risk across all of its locations as it has continued growing.

Kronos Workforce Ready HR

  • Increase efficiency with paperless and streamlined HR processes and self-service tools that ease administering benefits, onboarding, and managing employee information
  • Improve administrative accuracy by reducing errors and ensuring consistency with a single system for all employee records and HR functions
  • Allow for on-demand, mobile-friendly access to schedules, accrual balances, and pay statements at any time and location
  • Engage in proactive compliance with changing labour laws and regulations, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Kronos Workforce Ready Time Keeping

  • Streamline time tracking with automated collection of time and attendance information and conversion of worked hours to payroll
  • Apply user-defined pay and work rules to help improve payroll accuracy and reduce compliance risk
  • Improve employee engagement through real-time access to time and attendance and accrual information

Kronos Workforce Ready Accruals

  • Calculate and track accruals based on an organisation's policies and automatically enforce policies consistently to mitigate compliance risk
  • Get immediate access to accrual balances for submitting or approving time-off requests
  • See the amount of time earned, taken, scheduled, and remaining for all paid-time-off categories


The Kronos cloud solution has helped Lipari Foods expand into 20 states and double its workforce to 1,800 over a short period. On-site employees can track their time, see their pay statements, and request time off at a timeclock, while field employees can do the same on a mobile device. Managers have real-time visibility into employee time and labour analytics reporting to better manage labour and its costs. They also can see employee schedules and accruals to approve time-off requests in the solution, which automatically tracks employees’ attendance points ― delivering significant time-savings. Accurate payroll information and Kronos Payroll Services help Lipari Foods be in compliance with tax withholding requirements in each state it does business. With plans to continue expanding into new locations, Lipari Foods has the technology to accomplish this.


in tracking and approving time off
and employee attendance points

CUT BY 95%

with biweekly pay statements no longer
printed, sealed, and sent to employees