OnSide Youth Zones is the charity behind a network of 21st century youth centres called Youth Zones. They are designed to give young people living in some of the UK’s most disadvantaged areas somewhere to go, something to do, and someone to talk to in their leisure time. 14 Youth Zones operate across the UK, employing over 750 people.

OnSide needed a solution that could help them address:

  • Inconsistency around recording worked hours and preparing data for payroll
  • Heavy dependence on paper-based and manual payroll processes
  • Unreliable recording of worked hours and lateness in submissions causing administrative inefficiencies and payroll inaccuracy
  • Lack of visibility into all forms of rostering including hours worked, holiday accruals, and absence of staff and volunteers resulting in resourcing difficulties
  • Production of accurate reports to stakeholders of how and where funds were being allocated and spent was time consuming
“Before we had UKG, recording worked hours was all about maintaining timesheets on a piece of paper. It was a manual process with employees writing down what time they came in and what time they left. By the end of the month, tabulating all this data to prepare it for payroll was a mammoth, often four-day task for the Youth Zone Business Admin Manager.”

Duncan Hall
Systems Implementation Manager


OnSide Youth Zones partnered with UKG to modernise workforce management processes across its network  and streamline critical HR tasks, enabling employees to do what they do best – serve their young people and communities.

UKG Ready Time and Attendance and Absence Management

  • Accurately captures employee working hours
  • Empowers and engages employees with mobile based self-service functionality
  • Enables Youth Zone managers to approve team-specific timesheets and provides greater visibility and control of planned and unplanned absences
  • Liberates the administration team from paper-based, time -intensive, payroll related processes
  • Supports the delivery of accurate and on-time payroll
  • Provides greater visibility into Youth Zone expenditure
  • Allows rapid and accurate reporting to stakeholder on how their funds are been allocated and spent


By the deploying UKG Ready solution Onside Youth Zones were able to reduce the administrative burden on Youth Zone managers and liberate the payroll team from paper-based, time-intensive payroll preparation processes. Less time spent in the back office by managers allows them more time helping their young people and communities. Greater control and visibility of absences ensures activities are planned and staff appropriately. Empowering employees with self-service and accurate pay has made them happier and more engaged. And, stakeholder have greater visibility on how funds have been allocated and spent.


in time taken to prepare payroll from
several days to several minutes


in time spent on payroll related tasks
in each Youth Zone


manager administration time
to just 10 minutes every other day


employee engagement
“With a technology partner like UKG on board, it is much easier to manage the workforce and their expectations now, meaning that we have happier people for the long term.”

Duncan Hall
Systems Implementation Manager