With more than £1.8bn in annual sales, Shop Direct is the UK’s fourth largest online retailer. Its fulfilment operation has a workforce of up to 4,000 employees, spread across three warehousing and return centres. The retailer was heavily reliant on accurate self-recording of worked hours and manual data input to calculate payroll and productivity bonuses, which was time consuming, prone to errors and lacked true visibility of actual hours worked.

Shop Direct needed a solution that could:

  • Accurately record hours worked
  • Automate time and attendance to eliminate payroll errors and reduce time spent on payroll administration
  • Improve scheduling of staff based on forecasted throughput, to avoid bottlenecks, meet strict internal SLAs and provide market-leading delivery options to customers
“With Kronos we have an accurate means of calculating pay, resulting in less payroll queries and providing us with robust controls over our overtime and absence levels. Plus, we can now tailor our resource plans around our customer ordering profiles.”

Kay Owen
Head of Operations Services


The Kronos time and attendance solution was implemented across the entire fulfilment operation at Shop Direct to automate, optimise and simplify the management of employees.

Time and attendance

  • Delivers automated workforce management
  • Eliminates pay errors
  • Tightens control of overtime and absence
  • Improves resource planning
  • Provides employees with a modern intuitive interface to track their working hours
  • Manages times and attendance policies to minimise compliance risk



With its Kronos time and attendance solution, Shop Direct now has visibility of employee resources, enabling closer control of labour costs. By eliminating repetitive manual processes, the administrative burden placed on managers has been reduced. Analysis of workforce data (combined with warehouse management data) enables better resource planning to address peaks and troughs in throughput, ensuring the workforce isn’t overstretched and orders aren’t delayed. The Kronos solution also identifies candidates for Shop Direct’s bonus scheme, and helps to maintain an engaged, productive and highly motivated workforce.


enables tighter control of labour costs
and better resource planning


accurately reported and
delivered on time