Sunrise Senior Living provides senior citizens with a full range of personalised case, independent and assisted living services, with specialist neighbourhoods dedicated to residents suffering with memory impairment. In the UK, Sunrise has 25 communities and 2,500 employees.

  • Improve cost efficiencies around employee absence, payroll and scheduling
  • Reduce the need to employ agency staff
  • Improve the automation and collection of working time information
  • Improve the management of all workforce related processes
  • Ensure compliance with statutory regulations on the delivery of care
“The 20% reduction in sickness and other absence not only improves our bottom line through reduced agency usage, but more importantly, means that our residents are being cared for by the team members they know and who have been trained to deliver care to the high standards that Sunrise residents expect.”

Alf Pomells
Sunrise’s Kronos Consultant


Sunrise Senior Living worked in close partnership with Kronos to help improve business efficiencies associated with effective labour management, by managing the time and attendance of its employees.

Time and attendance

  • Automates the monitoring of employees’ working hours
  • Highlights when employees have worked in excess of their rostered hours, enabling this to be quickly addressed - to help ensure a good work/life balance
  • Supports the absence policy by identifying specific causes of absence
  • Manages and provide visibility of holiday balances
  • Provides self-service capabilities for employees to:
    • Check their timesheets and alert payroll before they are paid
    • Monitor their own rosters
    • View absence data, holiday balances, training and communication material at their convenience
  • Improves payroll accuracy
  • Ensures compliance with all statutory regulations


By deploying Workforce Timekeeper, Sunrise has a centralised labour management system that integrates with its HR, payroll, business intelligence and budgeting applications. Sickness and absence levels reduced by 20% equating to a saving of £85,000. Further savings of £65,000 were realised through improved scheduling and holiday planning, also resulting in a lower dependence on agency staff. The level of unpaid hours worked by employees reduced by 84%. Missed punches reduced by 90%, and staff morale improved.


of £85,000

Saving of

through improved scheduling
and holiday planning