Say hello
to the time clock
of the future

Kronos InTouch DX

A reimagined time clock experience
built for the future of work.

Kronos InTouch DX

A reimagined time clock experience built for the future of work.

Why Design a New InTouch?

If your time clock technology isn’t keeping pace with the expectations of your employees, or the capabilities of your workforce technology,  your team isn’t performing to its full potential. And neither is your business.


It’s time for a digital transformation. The all new Kronos InTouch® DX takes the design and power of the time clock to the next level. The sleek, modern design, and highly responsive touch screen will capture your attention. Its capabilities will convince you it’s time to upgrade.

Engaging. Intelligent.
Say hello to the time clock of the future.

Kronos InTouch DX

Sleek. Durable. Adaptable.

Simple and intuitive, the Kronos InTouch DX is reliable and easily customisable. And with its straightforward user interface, it provides a fast self-service view into every employee’s work-related information. Read more.

Kronos InTouch DX

Personalised experience. Intelligent insights.

Get right down to business with a personalised home screen — complete with name and photo. Smart Landing surfaces the issues and tasks that require immediate action. Individual Mode provides instant access to employee-specific transactions to request time off, view accruals, swap shifts and more. Read more.

Consumer-grade design. Intuitive user experience. Welcome to the future of work.

Welcome to the future of work, where the time clock inspires you to do more than ever before. Be instantly proficient with the super-responsive touch screen and intuitive, consumer-grade experience — for rapid adoption and new levels of efficiency.

  • Personalised experience

    Gain instant access to employee-specific data and transactions

  • Real-time notifications

    Instantly view and resolve critical tasks and address priority issues for greater efficiency

  • Multi-clock schedule enforcement

    Perform key transactions and help enforce schedules from any Kronos InTouch DX located anywhere across your facility

  • Rugged construction

    Provide secure and reliable access in almost any space with an industrial-strength enclosure and always-on display

  • Ready for the Future of Work

    Upgrade easily with optional biometric authentication for greater security and/or battery pack expansion for always-on operation