Kronos Task Management

Forecast, assign, and track work more efficiently to improve store operations and increase customer satisfaction.

Help associates prioritise tasks and organise their time to increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

In a busy retail environment, your top priority is delivering exceptional customer service. But you also need to complete the many tasks outlined by regional managers and the corporate team, to help your store operate at peak efficiency. With the right technology and task management tools, you can more accurately forecast labour needs to complete your task list, better communicate and assign tasks to the right people with the right skills, quickly execute the necessary work, and confirm that tasks have been completed — all so your team can better serve customers and positively impact your bottom line.

Create, prioritise, and assign tasks simply with easy-to-use tools that automate task management and balance store workload.

Simplify your entire task management process

Simplify your entire task management process

Kronos Task Management provides advanced tools that help you forecast, assign, and track work more efficiently. You simply input your tasks, assign the work to the right person with the right skills, and receive communications validating task completion. You can even assign recurring work to save time and increase store efficiency.

Gain insights into work load with store audits

Gain insights into work load with store audits

The store visit feature allows field leaders to plan a detailed store walk and add and assign quick tasks as necessary to fix any problems on the fly. With the ability to schedule, conduct and report on store audits, corporate standards are maintained at every location and field leaders make the most of in-store time.

Provide store employees with answers from subject matter experts at a moment’s notice

Provide store employees with answers from subject matter experts at a moment’s notice

Align support resources for employees by mapping tasks to subject matter experts within your organisation. When store employees have a question, they simply submit their query at the top of the task. Support team members assign the ticket to themselves and work to resolve it, or they can pass it along to the correct group or agent for fast resolution.

Personalize communication content to engage and inform your associates

Personalise communication content to engage and inform your associates

Engage and inform store associates in the moment with personalised content based on location, role and profile. Create a custom newsfeed to promote training opportunities, celebrate achievements and share articles that resonate with your store-level staff. All from a personalised dashboard optimised for any screen size.

Keep stores operating at top efficiency while delivering an exceptional in-store customer experience.

Keep your stores operating with top efficiency. Simplify task management with convenient, reliable, in-the-moment cloud delivery of communications — so you can complete necessary work and make customer service a priority.

  • Focus employees on priority tasks

    Personalised, in-the-moment communications keep employees focused on priority work

  • Get real-time visibility into status of tasks

    Inform employees of priority projects and notify leaders of the status of tasks in real time

  • Confirm task completion and work quality

    Multiple validation options, including photo capabilities, help confirm completion and quality of work