Integrate Kronos information with your other business applications to squeeze even more value from your employee data.

Whether you’re leveraging your HR, payroll, ERP, patient information system, or other back office applications, it’s easy to share Kronos data because we provide integrated applications, utilities, tools, and services.

Integrated Applications

It’s easy to share data between applications within the Kronos family because they share the same database. Instead of jumping through hoops to integrate HR, payroll, and timekeeping from multiple vendors, you can purchase a single, integrated system.


Integration Utilities

Workforce Integration Manager is a configurable integration utility that makes it easy to share data between Kronos and third-party applications. We use industry standards to create interfaces so you can:

  • Expand the value of your workforce management data by making it accessible to other applications — in the formats they require
  • Keep your Kronos solutions synchronised with your other business systems


Integration Tools

Kronos provides integration through the use of portlets, which provide key information for managers in portals such as SharePoint and Websphere.

We also publish over 500 XML APIs that use SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and WSDL (Web Services Description Language) to ease integration with third party applications and ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, and others.



If you need a custom solution, tap our experienced services personnel. They’ll help you set up the information exchange you need to run your business.