Workforce Timekeeper

​Managing Your Most Valuable Asset and Most Controllable Expense

One automated solution to track your entire workforce.

Labour is your organisation’s most valuable asset and its most controllable expense. Yet many organisations still rely on manual, semi-automated, or disparate systems to track employee time and attendance. Without an automated system, how will your organisation consistently track, manage, and control employee time and attendance?

Simplify time and attendance tracking with intuitive, innovative features.

Workforce Timekeeper - Feature 1

Proactive alerts mean nothing falls through the cracks

Real-time email and SMS red flags notify managers of information that needs immediate action, such as when an employee is approaching overtime. Our reporting capabilities let you monitor employee time by transforming granular time and attendance data into high-quality information that helps managers make fast decisions that could affect payroll, such as adjusting staffing levels.

Workforce Timekeeper - Feature 2

Audit-ready accuracy helps keep you compliant

Our centralised policy management helps accurately and consistently enforce complex compliance requirements and backs it up with a complete audit trail.

Workforce Timekeeper - Feature 3

Count on our configurable rules engine

The Kronos solution gives complete automation and enforcement of complex work and pay rules. It’s the driving force behind avoiding wasteful payroll costs associated with errors and inflation.

Workforce Timekeeper - Feature 4

Accurate labour costing and fewer off-cycle paychecks

In many cases, employees work several jobs, often in multiple departments. Managers need visibility into the entirety of these employees’ schedules — yet they also require the ability to approve only those hours associated with their department. Multiple Approvals delivers this functionality to managers in any industry where this common situation occurs.

Reduce payroll and labour errors through automation.

Kronos® Workforce Timekeeper™ reduces payroll errors and costly overtime, and improves workforce productivity by reducing manual and timely administrative tasks, freeing your staff for more value-added activities.

  • Accurate

    Automated time-tracking and centralised policy management mean you’re audit-ready

  • Proactive

    Real-time alerts let managers know they need to take action to avoid costly overtime

  • Intuitive

    Easy-to-use features provide timely labour information and save considerable time and effort