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Engage and retain a best-in-class workforce.

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Engage top talent with streamlined HR management.

The Workforce Dimensions™ HR solution allows your HR staff to spend less time on time-consuming administrative processes and more time on top priorities, allowing you to attract, nurture and retain a high-performing workforce — from pre-hire to retire.

Tools for managing and engaging your most valuable asset.

Hire, engage and retain your workforce from pre-hire to retire

Hire, engage and retain your workforce from pre-hire to retire

Workforce Dimensions HR integrated tools help recruiters and hiring managers source, track and assess the right talent — and provide a positive, consistent applicant experience. The Workforce Dimensions HR talent management capabilities help organisations understand and improve employee satisfaction, engagement and effectiveness with easy-to-use benefits administration, seamless performance management and more comprehensive compensation management.

Minimise reporting complexities

Minimise reporting complexities

On one unified platform, Workforce Dimensions HR offers one employee record, which helps minimise reporting complexities. You can store and track all employee data from a single location and provide reports that deliver real-time information to executive teams for better decision making.

Eliminate time-consuming, inaccurate manual processes

Eliminate time-consuming, inaccurate manual processes

Workforce Dimensions HR provides a paperless way to automate routine tasks such as benefits open enrolment and performance management, which is further assisted by employee self-service capabilities and mobile access. Built-in, configurable workflows give you the power and visibility to manage tasks and schedules associated with job requisitions, new hires, termination, promotions and more. A configurable workflow engine streamlines your specific processes and delivers consistent policy enforcement.

Reduce compliance risk

Reduce compliance risk

Workforce Dimensions HR helps you stay compliant with changing labour laws and regulations, such as working time regulations and sickness absence. Workforce Dimensions HR give you all of the tools, visibility and reporting your organisation needs to minimise compliance risk and avoid costly non-compliance fines and litigation.

A simple yet comprehensive HR solution

As part of the Workforce Dimensions solution suite, Workforce Dimensions HR seamlessly integrates recruiting, hiring and onboarding with benefits, compensation and performance management. One paperless system allows your organisation to store and track employee data, making administrative tasks simpler and less time-consuming — so that you can focus on top priorities.

  • Increase engagement and drive productivity

    Manage your people more effectively throughout the employee lifecycle for a high-performing workforce

  • Deliver administrative accuracy

    Minimise errors, provide consistency with one solution for all employee records and HR functions

  • Boost efficiency

    Ease the administrative burden and drive results with streamlined processes and self-service tools

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