Workforce Ready Access Control

​Manage Access to Your Business Facilities

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Control access and secure your people and property.

Your reputation as a secure organisation plays an important role in attracting and retaining customers and employees. You need a reliable access control system to secure your physical and intellectual property — and your employees and visitors. Enter Kronos Workforce Ready® Access Control™. 

Regulate who goes where in your facility — and when.

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Fully integrated with Kronos Workforce Ready

Workforce Ready Access Control allows you to use both access control and workforce management on the same platform — or use access control as a standalone product. Either way, you’re covered.

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Simple, intuitive interface

As a 100 per cent real-time, web-based solution, Workforce Ready Access Control allows you to create your own access control policies to manage access to your premises as well as the flow of employees and visitors. Simply assign access rights to your premises by person, location, and time.

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A stronger way to protect personnel, guests, and assets

Workforce Ready Access Control helps you guarantee access to buildings and ensure the protection of what your organisation values most.

A modern security solution that’s flexible and robust.

As an integral component of Workforce Ready, Workforce Ready Access Control is ready to meet your security needs. Through a simple, intuitive interface you can control access to your premises, manage the flow of employees and visitors, and easily assign premises access rights. 


  • Raise awareness

    Make your personnel more aware of security within the organisation

  • Gain peace of mind

    Regulate who can go where and when

  • Ensure your organisation’s reputation

    Demonstrate to current and prospective customers your serious commitment to security