10 Tips for Good Housekeeping

Workforce management systems are growing in functionality and complexity. Learn 10 tips for supporting your Kronos® workforce management system governance. Improve system longevity and performance, reduce compliance risk, and facilitate more user-friendly administration.

Technology that we use every day requires a level of attention and care if we want to rely on its vital functionality. Discover in this 10 Tips for Good Housekeeping white paper how good system housekeeping of your Kronos Workforce Central® or Workforce Dimensions™ solution is essential and will improve the performance of the system as well as your employees and business.

More about this white paper

Some of these good housekeeping tips ― and the approach that Kronos follows ― include:

  • Systems alignment and cleansing: integration between the Kronos solution and other systems is reviewed to facilitate smooth integration
  • Global standardisation: common and best practices derived from wide-ranging industry experience are recommended
  • ‘Build Smarter’ approach: six key concepts are considered during design and build
  • Robust testing: extensive testing strategies are developed to enhance time to value
  • Redundant configurations: configurations are built smartly and efficiently to reduce unneeded future configurations

Download this informative piece to learn more about how you can get the most from your Kronos workforce management solution.