Absence critically impacts retail performance but technology can be used to accurately forecast customer demand and engage staff to reduce absenteeism.

In this white paper, a 2018 global survey of retail managers by The Workforce Institute at Kronos illustrates the effects of absence on retail performance. The results indicate that 13 percent of labour hours are being wasted. In addition, unplanned absences are having a considerable impact on retailers' labor budgets: 7 percent of labour hours are scheduled but not worked, and 6 percent are worked but not scheduled.

Absence Management: The Last Easy Money for Retailers

According to the 800 retail managers surveyed, in their efforts to maximise retail performance:

  • 56 percent find accurately aligning employee schedules with customer demand difficult
  • 87 percent schedule additional labour to cover unplanned absences
  • 34 percent said managing shift swapping is one of the biggest workforce management challenges

This white paper outlines how utilising workforce management tools can help reduce employee absenteeism and unlock the last easy money for retailers. It discusses how technology can:

  • Provide labour analytics that show where and when absences will occur and their causes
  • Create accurate demand forecasts using historical data and known events
  • Build schedules that optimise the deployment of workers
  • Empower employees to manage their absences through shift swaps with qualified coworkers via mobile self-service tools

Download this informative white paper to learn more about how workforce management solutions can help retailers control labour costs, maximise productivity, and engage employees.