Auditing Your Kronos Workforce Management Solution

Why is it necessary and what benefits can it deliver?

The term ‘auditing’ can often invoke negative connotations. In the context of workforce management, auditing should be viewed as a positive opportunity to realise significant benefits through improved solution adoption, business process alignment, and compliance.

Newly implemented systems are designed to meet at the time requirements and achieve rapid rewards. Over time however, company requirements can change, and focus may move to other initiatives and projects. As a result, your solution configuration may no longer accurately reflect your current business requirements – meaning performance and usability are being adversely affected.

More about this white paper

This document examines several frequently asked questions relating to the auditing of Kronos workforce management systems and highlights the benefits of ‘auditing’, which include:

  • An increase in compliance across the entire solution
  • Assurance of ongoing accurate time calculation, per current requirements
  • Improved user and employee engagement with the solution
  • Discovery, removal, and prevention of potentially fraudulent activities
  • Development of improved business solutions

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