Balance Customer Experience with Employee Engagement for Better Workforce Management

Balance retail customer experience with employee engagement for better workforce management. Find the right labour model for financial optimisation.

You’ve heard it all before. Right person, right place, right time. Right person, right place, right time. This has been the mantra of workforce management in the retail industry for decades. The theory is this: If retailers deliver a skilled associate on the sales floor at the exact time a customer needs assistance, they can maximise sales and increase profitability.

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As most retailers know, it’s never quite that simple. Successful retailers need to find the right workforce balance between the customer experience they want to deliver and the employee engagement they strive to foster. The optimal labour model allows retailers to deliver outstanding customer service and employee satisfaction, along with financial optimisation.

This white paper describes steps retailers can take to find the staffing balance that supports both customer experience and employee engagement:

  • Take inventory of your current staffing approaches to see where you stand on the customer experience/employee engagement spectrum
  • Learn the common pitfalls that signal when you are focusing too heavily on one part of the workforce staffing equation
  • Start defining a labour model that delivers the right workforce balance for your organisation

Download this white paper to discover how retailers can create a workforce roadmap and labor model for optimal staffing decisions.