The Business Value of Deploying Workforce Management Solutions Report

This report demonstrates that workforce management (WFM) technology deployments can lead to cost savings, process improvements, and desired business outcomes.

In June and July of 2019, Cognanta conducted a survey of 521 organisations to explore challenges, opportunities, capabilities and best practices around the deployment of WFM technologies. The data showed a strong impact of these solutions in four major areas:

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  • Increase in workforce productivity
  • Improved employee experience
  • Streamlined processes and improved visibility
  • Minimised compliance risk

Organisations report that WFM solutions quickly pay for themselves and deliver, on average, a 2x-3.5x return on investment. In fact, companies that conducted an internal analysis showed that investments in WFM solutions can be covered in three years or less by savings in productivity improvements only.

Even organisations that deploy automated WFM solutions that are not strongly integrated with HCM applications, such as Payroll or HR, experience significant improvements, while deploying WFM solutions as an integrated part of a broader HCM suite can lead to even higher business benefits.

Download this informative research report today to learn more about how deploying the right WFM solution can add value to your organisation.