The uptick in civil unrest has fire departments trying to determine how to best respond to such events. To determine the level of preparedness by fire departments for civil unrest, a survey by asked readers about their departments’ ability to respond efficiently and effectively to civil disorder.

An incredibly low number of respondents said they felt very ready to handle large scale civil unrest: less than 7 percent.

Civil Unrest: Fire Service Preparedness, Trends, and Staffing Software Solutions

Survey results reveal a technology gap in the management of resources for addressing civil unrest and the special teams dedicated to incident response. A third of respondents noted they still rely on spreadsheets and other manual methods of notifying and deploying first responders in times of emergency. This means a command staff resource is manually looking through spreadsheets for phone numbers and placing calls. These processes  take up valuable time that potentially allows any civil unrest to escalate.

The key solution to effectively managing civil unrest is using advanced automation to identify and deploy available and qualified first responders to the scene as soon as possible.

While protests and demonstrations are part of the American experience, when they turn violent, an automated staffing and recall solution can positively impact a response by quickly mobilizing the right responders to the scene.

Learn about the findings of this survey on fire department preparedness and how an automated staffing and recall solution can help.