Read about the findings of a PoliceOne survey on whether police departments are prepared for civil unrest, and how one department manages such incidents using an automated staffing and recall solution.

Civil Unrest: Police Preparedness, Trends, and Staffing Software Solutions

With a number of high-profile incidents in recent years, civil unrest is a growing concern among law enforcement departments. Civil unrest can explode without warning. Even when security has been increased for planned events, a larger response may ultimately be required. With increased public scrutiny, law enforcement has little room for error in managing these high-visibility events. A delayed or inappropriate response by police can resonate for weeks in the media, straining community relations and impacting morale within the department.

PoliceOne recently conducted a survey to gauge the readiness of U.S. law enforcement departments to appropriately respond to civil unrest in their communities. The survey found that almost 80 percent of departments rely on spreadsheets and other manual methods to staff and deploy officers in times of emergency — tools and processes that take up valuable time that could allow the disturbance to further escalate. An automated staffing and recall solution can help them better manage their workforce.This is especially true when it comes to episodes of civil unrest, when a large-scale disruption requires rapid deployment of additional officers, including those with specialized training. 

Download this brief, which includes a case study on the Port of Seattle Police Department.