Equipment Support Services Datasheet

Learn more about the benefits of having complete Kronos time-clock support for your solution.

Protect your Kronos time clocks —  and your peace of mind. Select the level of support you want. 

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Don’t let time clock downtime lower the return on your workforce management investment. Kronos Equipment Support Services is ready to help with complete Kronos time clock support for your solution — as much or as little as you require. Whether you need a replacement device sent to you overnight, can use a backup unit while we repair a faulty one, or simply want access to device software updates, there’s an Equipment Support Services option that meets your unique needs.

With Kronos Equipment Support Services, you can have confidence that your Kronos time clocks are both secure and fully up to date. Managers and employees can count on the devices working properly when they need them, and you can minimise disruptions caused by hardware problems.


  • Replacement unit shipped for next business day delivery
  • Minimise the number of spare time clocks needed
  • Includes access to equipment service packs


  • Cost-effective solution for those who keep their own inventory of spare time clocks
  • Includes access to equipment service packs


  • For those who choose to manage their time clock repair
  • Includes access to equipment service packs

Download the datasheet to learn more about Depot Exchange, Depot Repair, and Device Software Maintenance options.