Five Practices Damaging Operational Performance in Today’s Supply Chain

Facing shrinking profit margins, capacity concerns, and rising customer expectations, logistics organisations need to provide better service at a lower cost.

Volatility across the supply chain is forcing warehouses, distribution centres, and 3PL providers of all sizes to look for new and innovative ways to trim costs, improve efficiencies, and boost customer satisfaction for increased profitability and competitive advantage. This whitepaper outlines five practices that are damaging operational performance in today’s supply chain.

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From setting metrics, measuring performance, and focusing on continual improvements, learn how logistics operations can stay competitive in today's dynamic logistics market.

Process is an important component of any company strategy, but it plays an especially critical role in the logistics industry. But with so many ways to measure effectiveness and productivity, disconnects can emerge between the metrics you’re tracking and the goals your organisation is trying to achieve. By establishing metrics that align with the overall business strategy, coordinating goals and measurements with partners, benchmarking against best-in-class industry players, and staying the course, you can identify critical performance gaps and take steps to drive continuous improvements for competitive advantage and bottom-line results.