The Future of Work in Retail

How technology is redefining jobs, capabilities and expectations

Leverage data to deliver an unforgettable omnichannel experience to your customers.

Technology is transforming the future of retail. AI, big data, and machine learning are creating a new workforce and a happier customer. Look no further than Amazon's new Go concept where customers just pick up their items and go. No line, no checkout. A combination of digital, IoT and mobile technology allows Amazon to analyse customer shopping habits. Employees are changing, too, as millennials enter the workforce well-educated, energetic, adept at multi-tasking, and looking for new and difficult problems to solve. And there are new shoppers ready to buy as Gen Z begins making their own buying decisions. All of which makes for fierce competition as retailers also have to keep up with ever-changing labour laws.

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Retailers need to embrace the technology to differentiate and stay competitive. Research shows the more channels customers use, the more they spend, and omnichannel customers are also more loyal. With technology retailers can:

  • Enhance the customer experience with face-to-face interactions
  • Engage employees in more high-level thinking, creativity, and decision making
  • Make better use of analytics and automation

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