Satisfied customers start with satisfied employees.

Manufacturing costs are still soaring, fuelled by everything from the falling pound to the import of goods and materials. Something else is rising, too: the skills gap. Finding and retaining top talent has become critical as Baby Boomers retire and skilled employees grow scarce.

In these difficult conditions, manufacturers are turning to their HR departments for help in weathering the storm. They’re looking for smarter and more efficient ways to attract, retain, engage and utilise their best labour resources. And they need better ways to forecast, budget, schedule, analyse and manage all their worker hours.

Industry Brief: Kronos HR Executive Summary for Manufacturing

Kronos has a special interest in human capital management. In this briefing, we’d like to share a few of our thoughts and recommendations on how manufacturers can tackle these challenges to drive greater performance and profitability. We’d like to hear your thoughts too.

Over 120 leading manufacturers in the UK, including Nestlé, Rolls Royce, Kellogg’s, Jaguar Land Rover, Mondelez and Caterpillar, are using Kronos solutions to transform employee engagement and improve efficiency, productivity and the bottom line. In this new world, we can help HR and Payroll teams play an even more critical role in driving business performance.