Kronos® Workforce TeleStaff™ is the proven automated scheduling solution that streamlines and simplifies police and corrections staffing. Schedules are created accurately and fairly, resulting in fewer wasted resources, efficiency, and lower costs. View the demo to learn more!

Kronos for Law Enforcement: The new standard in staffing

Staffing and managing officers using manual processes isn't just slow and inefficient. It also keeps your officers from more critical work, such as training and community protection. And without process transparency, they may be getting frustrated with the lack of control over their schedules. Automating your scheduling, communication, and time management processes with the Kronos® Workforce TeleStaff™ solution is a cost-effective way to improve productivity, efficiency, and morale.

See for yourself in our new Workforce TeleStaff demo exclusively for police and corrections. We'll show you how the system works both as a standalone solution and integrated with a complete Kronos workforce management solution that can benefit your state or local government at all levels. If you have 45 minutes, let us show you a new way to optimize your staffing … and more.