Kronos for Retail Solution Guide

Improve your bottom line and satisfy both your customers and employees

The retail industry has evolved significantly in recent years. Consumers now have a choice of when, where and how they shop, compelling brick-and-mortar stores to entice customers with in-store experiences. To deliver, retailers need to put their best people in front of customers at the most opportune time.

Deliver a customer experience that increases your bottom line and keeps customers coming back. Learn how Kronos for Retail can help.

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With Kronos for Retail, you can align your staffing with consumer demand, and gain full visibility across locations — all while eliminating paper processes and minimising compliance risk. Our streamlined solution automatically records time and attendance, and always pays employees based on the current labour laws to ensure you stay in compliance. With robust reporting and analytical tools, managers can have better control over issues such as budgeting and turnover that affect the bottom line.

With Kronos for Retail you can:

  • Eliminate paper processes
  • Forecast more accurately
  • Create more predictable schedules
  • Increase employee engagement and decrease turnover
  • Provide visibility across stores and regions

More than 1,000 retail organisations use Kronos to empower employees and drive better business results. Download this informative guide to learn why Kronos for Retail may be right for you.