This is the second in a series of three white papers that discuss proven strategies and best practices for optimising three key elements of success — People, Process, and Technology — to address critical challenges and drive competitive advantage in today’s logistics industry.

Logistics Insider: Five Tips for Improving Operational Performance in Today's Supply Chain

While the supply chain is powered by people, your processes dictate what your people do as well as how and when they do it. That’s why, to sustain profitability and growth, it’s imperative that you implement processes specifically designed to meet the needs of your customers. In addition, to keep pace with industry changes and evolving customer requirements, you need a systematic way to measure performance, identify areas for improvement, and make sure your processes remain properly aligned. Only then can you make informed decisions to optimise processes across your operations.

Download this whitepaper to gain valuable insights into the “Process” trends and issues that are top of mind for managers across the logistics sector and learn  best-practices for setting metrics, measuring performance, and continually improving operations processes to stay competitive in today's dynamic logistics market.