Managing your Workforce with the Use of Mobile Technology

Why the time is now for workforces to adopt mobile technology

Mobile computing and communications are two of technology’s most pervasive, influential and long-running trends. From the first ‘luggable’, suitcase-sized laptops of the early 1980s, the first pocked-sized computers of the late 1980s and the first smartphones of the 1990s there has been insatiable demand for portable processing, storage and communications.

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Mobile computing and communications are parts of the fabric of modern digital life. Companies that don’t recognise that fact and fail to put their workforce management and HCM capabilities into the hands of mobile users risk severe damage to their efficiency and their ability to attract and retain talented employees.

  • This mini white paper answers the following questions:
  • What is the role of mobile technology in workforce management?
  • Why is mobile technology important and why now?
  • How can I get the most out of a mobile solution?
  • What benefits will I see as a result of improved mobile technology?