Navigating the Future of Work featuring The BRC

As the industry invests in technology to support productivity and meet consumer expectations, workforce management technology is a key enabler that should not be overlooked and getting the right people in the right place at the right time is critical to the success of the retail industry.

The government's focus on quality of work as well as quantity will put a sharp focus on workforce deployment and labour market enforcement to ensure all work in the UK is "good work" and supports both businesses and employees to work flexibly.

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Download the on demand podcast to find out on how the delivery of the 'Good Work Plan' and recent ECJ rulings will impact the future of work and how technology can empower your workforce to deliver sustainable performance. Key topics of discussion, how can you;

  • Create and manage operating models that balance the needs of customers, the business and employees?
  • Ensuring work is being managed in a fair and equitable manner?
  • Manage workforce flexibility that benefits both employees and employers?
  • Capture employee activity whilst ensuring compliance, and employees are paid on time?
  • Use data to develop and share best practice?