Onboarding Made Simple

Three steps to success

The Kronos onboarding process sets the stage for a successful journey that begins when you become a customer and ends when your solution is running successfully.

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The three-phase onboarding process includes:

  • Phase 1, or the welcome phase, where you’ll set your objectives and prepare your team for a smooth start by getting acquainted with the tools and techniques designed to help you realise value from your Kronos solution.
  • Phase 2, or the deployment phase, where you’ll take the necessary steps to activate a fast deployment using an iterative, collaborative approach that will drive rapid results.
  • Phase 3, or the success phase, where you’ll receive continued guidance and support from Kronos Global Support, Customer Success, and the more than 30,000 customers and subject-matter experts in the Kronos Community.

Download this informative fact sheet to learn how our three-phase onboarding process can help ensure that your organisation will enjoy a fast and successful onboarding for your Kronos solution