Reasons to Upgrade to Workforce Central 8.1 Datasheet

Version 8.1 of the Kronos® Workforce Central® suite is here — and it’s better than ever. Learn about the exciting new features and enhancements.

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Based on direct feedback from customers across the globe, we’ve invested in improvements that will help you manage your diverse workforce even more effectively — anytime, anywhere — to control labour costs, improve productivity, minimise compliance risk, and boost employee engagement. This latest version streamlines common tasks, allowing managers and employees to focus on achieving business goals without being hampered by outdated systems and inefficient processes.

Read this datasheet to learn how Workforce Central 8.1 can help you:

  • Drive employee engagement with simplified overtime approval and support for flexible schedules
  • Support your mobile workforce with more punch capabilities, authentication options, and mobile personalisation
  • Improve security with a technology platform built on current web and application server standards

Download this informative piece and find out how the latest release of our proven workforce management solution will benefit users across your organisation.