Retail Smiles and Frowns: Unlocking Revenue Potential Using Data Analytics

How data analytics and workforce management tools are increasing revenue for retailers

For retailers, using data analytics to align labour resources to customer demand can significantly impact sales revenue and profitability.

Analytics tools have quickly moved from the realm of back-office number crunchers to frontline retail operations managers. In the rapid, complex world of modern multi-channel retail, analytics tools can deliver the objective evidence required to quickly and accurately make operational improvement decisions. By quickly and easily turning vast amounts of uncommunicative raw data into visualisations, managers can take the action required to address problems and drive continuous improvement.

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When good is no longer good enough, retailers need to uncover new opportunities to improve store potential and turn their frowns into smiles. Success in retail ultimately depends on many factors. Nevertheless, your employees play a critical role in supporting this achievement.

Ensuring you have a team of well-trained, flexible, and engaged associates, who are deployed at the right time and place to meet customer demand, is an important step on the road to success. Workforce management tools are helping thousands of leading retailers control costs, increase productivity, and ensure compliance.