Six Reasons Manufacturing Organisations Need Kronos Workforce Planner

The Workforce Planner scheduler manages compliance and safety risks, controls labour costs, and drives workforce engagement and satisfaction for manufacturers.

Shift scheduling for the workforce presents many challenges, and nowhere is the requirement to drive efficient operations greater than in manufacturing. Plant managers require the ability to define exact labour and cost requirements for a product, order, or SKU while maintaining accurate staffing levels. Employees expect to engage with technologies that are familiar and function like those they use outside the workplace. Add to these requirements the need to have a nimble workforce assigned to multiple plants and shifts against a backdrop of complex labour laws, safety regulations and union agreements, and it's easy to see why the job of the manufacturing labour scheduler is a challenging one.

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There are six key reasons why manufacturers turn to Workforce Planner to meet their automated scheduling needs:

  • Bidding and employee preferences
  • Realignments and bumping
  • Labour leveling and demand-based scheduling
  • Overtime sign-ups
  • Highly configurable reports and schedules
  • Telephony

Workforce Planner creates the ideal scheduling balance. By empowering employees with a self-service platform and schedulers with flexible tools they need to drive better business outcomes, production demands are met, costs are kept in check, compliance and safety risks are mitigated, and workforce morale is improved.