Macro trends influencing buyers of workforce management systems

People trends impact workforce management. Learn the seven people trends that affect this and top criteria for selecting a workforce management system.

Constellation Research reports on a study of workforce trends that are impacting enterprises’ approach to workforce management: having five generations in the workforce, increasing regulations, the battle for talent in a gig economy, the need for a variety of training options to meet generational needs, creating opportunities for work/life balance, using machine learning to create better schedules, and flexible compensation needs.

Trends in Workforce Management for 2018 and Beyond

In evaluating vendors of modern workforce management solutions, Constellation Research suggests considering the following workforce management trends and selection criteria:

  • Choose a software-as-a-service (SaaS) workforce management provider that utilises public cloud infrastructure (infrastructure as a service, known as IaaS), making sure the platform meets your organisation’s IT needs
  • Follow a bring-your-own-device smartphone strategy and choose a solution that includes consumer-grade features
  • Ensure advanced scheduling functionality is included to meet employee and manager needs, including incorporating local data for aligning schedules to expected demand
  • Adjust workforce capacity to meet demand by taking advantage of functionality that supports utilising gig economy workers
  • Select a solution that incorporates worker compensation requirements, which motivate workers and are important to better managing capacity and demand
  • Create more efficient schedules using expanded data, including local demand data such as weather and traffic, product availability, logistics, and third-party information
  • Understand a solution’s use of machine learning in automating routine and sophisticated tasks and how this will impact workforce management

Download this informative report to learn more about the trends in workforce management you need to consider when evaluating and selecting a modern workforce management solution.