UKG Dimensions Work Datasheet

Improve Operational Performance with Real-Time Insights into Productivity

Tracking labour activities is critical for operational efficiency. Gain real-time visibility into labour productivity with UKG Dimensions™ Work.

Without a solution to manage labour against activities, your organisation can only estimate the time spent per task, too often resulting in inaccurate pay, misquoted jobs and an inability to determine the actual cost of manufacturing a product. UKG Dimensions™ Work provides real-time visibility into workforce data to power more intelligent decisions for improved operational performance.

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Read how UKG Dimensions™ Work empowers you to:

  • Improve workflows through simple integrations and accessible APIs
  • Enhance the employee experience with smart forms and easy data entry
  • Increase productivity and efficiency with accurate labour standards

Download this datasheet and find out how you can gain real-time insights into workplace productivity.