Workforce Dimensions Signature Success Plan Datasheet

Amplify business outcomes with tailored success paths and technical expertise

Optimise the value of your Workforce Dimensions™ solution with the Signature Success Plan’s personalised success management and technical assistance.

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Learn how working directly with our solution experts — customer success and technical account managers — through the Signature Success Plan can elevate optimisation of your solution.

When you select the Workforce Dimensions Signature Success Plan, you get access to:

  • Local Time Support: 24-hour x 7 support
  • 24 x 7 Mission-Critical Support
  • Proactive Support
  • Technical Account Manager
  • Integration/API support
  • Kronos Community
  • Kronos Onboarding Experience
  • Kronos KnowledgeMap™
  • Kronos KnowledgeMap™ Live
  • Live Check-In Meetings
  • Personalised Success Paths
  • Success Reporting
  • Executive Business Review
  • New Feature Review and Activation
  • Optimisation Assessment
  • Industry Best Practices Audit

Download this datasheet to learn more about these services and how the Workforce Dimensions Signature Success Plan can help you create a roadmap for success.