The APPlied Human at work is a new and thought-provoking report, looking at technology, wellbeing and workplace productivity in today’s world of work.

It digs deeper into some of the most sweeping shifts that we can see today. Whoever is doing the work — individuals, hybrid AI/human systems or full-blown robotics — the world of work of today means relying on a plethora of gadgets, devices and the cloud and it is evoking more and more questions amongst organisations and employees. Do we feel liberated, exhilarated or enslaved by an all-surrounding technology?

Workplace Productivity and the Applied Human at Work Report

Julia Hobsbawm, the acclaimed expert on modern connectedness and its discontents and author of this report has interviewed several top people directors and academics concerned with productivity and the workplace to bring insight to this report and received feedback and opinions from her network of 2,500 mainly UK-based professionals. The aim has been to get answers to some of the following questions:

  • How can leaders balance technological advances and workplace productivity with humans’ ability to absorb them?
  • What are the implications for human workers of the increasing use of robots to replace or augment human workers?
  • What dangers are there when technology is blurring the boundaries between the professional and private life?
  • Is there a way to structure a digital and therefore ‘always-on’ day in a healthy way?
  • How is technology contributing to employee stress and burnout – and what should organizations be doing to mitigate those impacts?