Using Metrics to Measure Labour Productivity

Turn labour and sales data into meaningful business intelligence to make data-driven decisions that optimize workforce utilization, control labour costs, and drive continuous improvement.

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The Big Payback with Workforce Management

Workforce management delivers big paybacks. In a review of their ROI case studies published since 2016, Nucleus Research found that workforce management (WFM) solutions on average deliver $12.24 payback for every dollar spent and a payback period of under 5 months.

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7 Steps to Successful Workforce Management Adoption

Learn how careful change management sits at the heart of achieving a rapid return-on-investment and successful solution adoption for your Kronos workforce management technology.

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Solutions to Engage Your Workforce: The New Workforce Wishlist

Looking for solutions to engage your workforce? Check out this new workforce wish list to understand the key success criteria!

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