Solutions to Engage Your Workforce: The New Workforce Wishlist

Technology plays an increasingly important role when it comes to engaging the workforce. But to really engage employees, these technological solutions need to fulfill certain requirements. Our infographic sheds some light onto what’s hot and what’s new on the workforce wish list. Motivation and engagement are not all about money any more – there’s a whole new demand for flexibility, mobility, independence and work-life balance.

For example, did you know that 55 % of the workforce think that workplace tech is not currently helping them achieve a better work-life balance? Or that a better work-life balance is the second most important factor for a lot of job seekers?

More about this infographic

Take a look at our infographic to see how people feel about work and what workplace tech can really engage them. And check-out at the industry-specific examples from retail, manufacturing and logistics to see what tech-enabled engagement could look like. Imagine an engaged workforce with solutions that:

  • Free-up time to focus on the people
  • Help reduce stress-related absence
  • Give automatic alerts for overtime thresholds
  • Ensure safety compliance

Get more insights about engaging workforce solutions by downloading our infographic.