Created by our own highly engaged workforce, Kronos solutions are delivered on one unified platform to help you attract and retain high-performance employees.

Engaged Employees

Our products help you strike a balance between your organisation’s needs (productivity, efficiency, and bottom-line results) and your employees’ needs (trust, development, and recognition). We can help you hire, develop, manage, and retain a best-fit, highly performing workforce while empowering your employees through self-service tools and powerful automation to achieve a better work-life balance.

Why is employee engagement so important? 

We strive to create an inviting culture and work environment that's conducive to the spirit of inspiration and innovation we hold so dear at Kronos. A recent Gallup poll revealed that while only 32 percent of U.S. workers say they are “engaged,” nearly 51 percent state they are “not engaged,” and over 17 percent state they are “actively disengaged.” Inspired leadership by our CEO Aron Ain helps drive employee engagement at Kronos. Here’s why it’s such a smart strategy for our business — and for yours as well:


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