Fatigue Management

Improve Engagement to Prevent Burnout

Improve engagement by better managing fatigue

Organisations competing for talent in today’s strong job market are increasingly focused on preventing fatigue and burnout while improving employee engagement. With so many variables that can influence and degrade engagement and retention, how do you know where to focus your efforts?

Get the right tools to help drive employee engagement

Automate compliance

Automate compliance

A high-performance organisation depends upon an engaged, productive workforce. Kronos solutions help fight employee burnout and mitigate fatigue while adhering to compliance regulations. Help ensure adequate rest between shifts, balance staffing coverage, accurately project overtime, schedule strong teams with the right mix of skills to keep employees stimulated and fresh.

Encourage fair scheduling

Encourage fair scheduling

Scheduling tools empower employees with more ownership of their schedules using convenient self-service features via desktop, Kronos InTouch, or their mobile device. Give employees the power to view schedules, swap shifts, pick up open shifts, request coverage if they need time off, and update their availability from anytime, anywhere.

Provide self-service capabilities

Provide self-service capabilities

Kronos solutions provide the self-service capabilities employees need to feel empowered and engaged. Employees can view their schedules, request time off, attest to time worked and fair breaks, manage their benefits and dependents, and access important personal documents. This helps to create a culture of trust while also ensuring compliance.

Keep employees engaged with reliable tools

Kronos helps you engage employees while also ensuring conformity to compliance regulations as well as the operational and policy needs of your organisation.

  • Create best-fit schedules

    Create fair schedules that keep employees happy while meeting compliance needs

  • Better manage fatigue

    Reduce the risks and liabilities associated with employee fatigue

  • More accurately track overtime

    Project overtime more accurately with real-time employee data

  • Fairly enforce workplace policies

    Enforce the fair and compliant application of workplace policies for time off and absence